Tuesday, June 16, 2009

So far, so good!

I went for an interview today for a part time job. I really do think things went well. I am very knowledgeable about the job position and even used to work there when the company was a different name.

I applied for a proof operator position. A proof operator handles transactions that are sent from a bank. Company deposits and customer deposits are mainly what I will be keying in. This job requires extensive 10 key by touch. (That means not looking at the number keypad when you key.) I key the amount of the check and drop it in the machine and it will be encoded on the bottom right hand corner. After all the checks (debits) are keyed and dropped, a credit is dropped to end the transaction. If you are not in balance, the machine requires extra steps to correct the transaction before you can key the next transaction.

Since I have described the position, I will tell you how I did. I keyed a bundle of transactions and all were in balance. After the last transaction, the supervisor came over and closed out the machine. This gave me my keystrokes per hour total, which was 1704. Every company has their own set of production standards, so I asked her if that was a "good" number. She told me that when I became a permanent employee, I would receive incentive pay (more money the faster you key) for anything keyed above 1700. So, yes, that was a good number! She will now pass my "numbers" to the human resource director and she will contact the staffing agency I applied with.

And now the waiting game begins!

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