Tuesday, September 1, 2009


For those of you who really know me, you know I have an obsession with the number 11:11 or 11 in general.

After I watched the movie "The Number 23", again, I realized how much a number can be a part of your life whether you want it to or not. I started adding things up and this is what I came up with:

*I got pregnant with my son, Devin, in the 11th grade.
*He was born in November, the 11th month of the year.
*He was born in '92. 9+2=11
*He weighed 8 pounds, 3 ounces. 8 + 3 = 11
*He will (hopefully) graduate High School in 2011.
*His first and last name add up to 11 letters.
*His name even rhymes with 11!

Now for me...

*My brother and I are 11 years apart, almost to the day! He was born in '64, which adds up to be 10. I was born in '75, which adds up to be 12. What number is between 10 and 12? 11!!!
*The numbers of my SS break down to 7. My birth month, day and year break down to the number 4. 7+4=11
*My driver's license number adds up to 44. If you divide that by the break down of my birthday (4), you get 11.
*I was married on 6/7/1996. If you break down that... 6+7+1+9+9+6=92 9+2=11

Other significant (but personal) things revolve around the number 11.

I see the number 11:11 on the clock all the time! I worked at a bank and saw the amount $11.11 or a check number, 1111 frequently. I don't look for these things, they just jump out at me!

I will receive phone calls, text messages or emails at 11:11.

Most recently I have been seeing 1:11 or 111. I work at a different financial institute and will see addresses or account numbers with this number in succession.

I will get behind cars and the license plate will have 111, together, on the plate.

Some may think this is crazy and is just a coincidence, but I don't believe in coincidences. Everything happens for a reason.

I would like to know if any of you have this same thing happening with you. Not necessarily the number 11, but any number. Soothe my curiosity and leave me a comment!


  1. Funny... when I saw "Number 23" I started seeing 23 everywhere... now, I am seeing 11 everywhere!!!! =D

  2. It gets rather annoying sometimes!

  3. Hey! Thanks for posting this - I was really curious - that is kind of weird and neat! I wasn't sure if you seeing this was a supernatural/horror thing or not.... and I still don't ;)

    I always see 911 - as I said before - and I don't think it needs an expanation why! I always see it on clocks (unless I get to sleep in - tho sometimes I will wake up and see it and go back to sleep - very odd), I also see it on license plates.... now I notice 11's too :) is it even more weird that 911 - has an 11 in there?? :)

    I am not sure if we notice this because we notice this... big catch 22 there!

  4. I've been hearing about this for some time now. It's very damn interesting. I need to "crunch the numbers" myself and see if 11 appears.

    Of course, I have this thing for 13 too . . . .

  5. Tammy, where I go to get more info?

  6. 6+5=11 wow thats so spooky